Our Story

A platform created out of a need and designed with excellence and innovation.

Well, we are sure you would definitely love to know us a bit better and closely. So, the tale goes like this,

‘Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.’

It was one fateful lazy Sunday afternoon when the founders were idly cursing the hostel they had got into, they soon realized they were struck by an idea and ideas like these turn out to be highly contagious and resilient.They were unable to shake it off. It grew in their mind and eventually became a dream. Initially designed as an online discover-prioritize-book platform and an easy-lodging facility system for college students, Homversity has now metamorphosed into an organisation providing a single, online and dynamic platform catering to the major needs of any college student.

What motivated them to start the venture was the sheer fact that they had themselves faced the problem that they are trying to solve right now. This added to the fact that there was the 2nd B-Plan competition (hosted by Entrepreneurship Cell, UPES) just around the corner.

Like every start-up has its share of hurdles, they had their own hurdles like convincing hostel owners that their setup would make the system smooth, tireless and transparent. They were all buckled up before the UPES Counselling for the new academic session and their idea was to launch their product there to make the website a golden goose. They needed a plan B to get through this. Hence, the registration time came to their rescue. They were able to successfully launch their website on that very day and gain their required popularity. And soon as the things worked out, each member of the team emerged as multitasking and hardworking individual balancing studies and entrepreneurship gracefully.

“After we won the B-Plan competition, we got our industrial idea validation. People saw practicality and potential in it. That was fuel enough to make us think that this will go big and we would stop at nothing to make it.”

Humans are weak. Fear takes over every judgment. We tend to find support everywhere. Entrepreneurship is no special. When you believe in something and someone trusts you with their life you feel as if you’re the most powerful man in the whole universe. Also, diversified mindsets will intensify your customer reach. So yes, the varied team inputs were priceless for the growth of the start-up. All this was possible because of the fact that they were together.

“If you’re reading this you’re already interested in entrepreneurship. You already know the potential start-ups have. Ideas are waiting to be discovered. Observe. Analyze. Deduce. Believe me when you’ve found your idea it won’t just be an idea anymore but a dream. It will be what you’ll think about every moment of your life. Such a focus in life can do extraordinary wonders. So go out, look and find your dream.”

So, this was our story. Let us know you and allow us to create your story because we believe that ‘Every room has its own story’ and someday the world will come across one that would belong to you.

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